Free Sound Improv Sneak Peak Workshop & Foundations of Sound Improv / by Jen Mitas

Domeka Parker

Domeka Parker

Free Sound Improv Sneak Peek Workshop on Saturday October 29th; 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm @ Shout House

Led by: Domeka Parker

This workshop offers a sneak peak into the art & craft of improvisational theater through the lens of Sound Improv. Sound Improv is a unique approach to improvisation that is grounded in acting and discovery based scene-work, storytelling and movement. Participants will get the chance to dip there toes into improv in a supportive and encouraging environment.  You can come to watch or to play. This is a very low pressure opportunity designed to delight, entertain and introduce Deep End Theater's upcoming season of classes, workshops and performances.

Foundations of Sound Improv on Mondays (November 7th through December 12th); 6:30-8:30 pm @ Shout House

Led by: Domeka Parker

This class focuses on the fundamentals of Sound Improv and lays the ground work for further study. Students learn the basic skills of improvisation and the more specific practice of Sound Improv.  This class is perfect for beginners to improv and for improvisers/actors who wish to deepen and strengthen their experience with improv. 

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